Wednesday, June 27, 2012


The power of public criticism does work. Two examples just today; The Mayor's "press release" has disappeared from the city "site".

The other was of great interest to me since it concerned my alma mater; University of Virginia: About three weeks ago the Board of Visitors (Governors) appointed by the Governor since it is a State University abruptly and without explanation "fired" the University President who had only be in office a little over two years.

There was an immediate unanimous expression of outrage from the faculty as well as from the student body as well as the alumni. That included emails from Faculty leaders to alumni as well as from former members of the Board of Visitors condemning the lack of openness and the following of Due Process before the Board had taken its action. There was a belated email and press release from the University Rector (the Chairperson of the Board of Visitors) leading to the Boards action explaining her reasoning .

As the public expression of disapproval increased, the Governor threatend to remove the Board if it did not come up with a definitive action with explanation by this Thursday.

The result, last night ,Tuesday, the Board of Visitors met and unanimously rescinded its action restoring President Sullivan into her office. It is noteworthy that in the interim the Vice Rector and another member of the Board had resigned.

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