Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Written between the departure of my guests and a "social visit" to my primary MD.

Bernice in Plaintalker II has presented a detail report on the subject of the three (3) Berry letters dated June 12, 2012 to Jorge Carmona of the NJ Department of Community Affairs, Division of Local Government Services. I plan to expand on this subject later today.

Suffice to say, although City Administrator Berry admitted "writing" and signing these letters ; since he was not present at either of the Council meeting where Special Budget Consultant Kochel explained how fund s were able to be used to correct a 1.5 million error in the Mayor's submitted budget without raising taxes, indeed lowering the anticipated rate it is my opinion that these letters may have originated in the Corporation Counsel's office at the Mayor's direction.

Regarding the resolution to request a study to revise the City Charter which will on the agenda, the City Solicitor acting in the absence of Corporation Counsel proposed a 3 year process to accomplish such action. Since he did not appear to know the rules about placing a referendum on the ballot ; which I posted on my blog when discussing the Charter; I feel his road map is another attempt of Administration to preserve satus quo.

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  1. Our current administration knows it's on its last legs and will be out after this term. I seems that Sharon is determined to do her best to hurt Plainfield and it citizens. She and Tracy Brown are more reasons we should not allow Jerry to pick our candidates. We need to be vocal and vote!