Friday, June 29, 2012


I hope to read enough today on the Court's decision to be able to post my take Saturday am. I know that on the weekend readership is low but you can check even on Monday.

Last night's Special Council Meeting with the exception of two other r4esolutions was devoted to the annual liquor license reissue from July 1 for the year.

This meeting gives Bill Reid the opportunity for his yearly protest about the excessive number of licenses in Plainfield especially the inactive ones or pocket licenses. He knows that the Council can not do anything about eliminating them or even non renewal per ABC regulations. He continued his statement with no votes on every non contested application; knowing it would not impact on the results.

Perhaps if the ABC would issue a regulation limiting the number of consecutive years a license can be dormant that would solve many problems. However since these licenses have monetary value that may never happen.

The Council voted not to renew the license for the "Latin Bar" after a Police Department recommendation for such action. This ws due to the fact that there were 26 Police calls there in 2011;11 summons issued to to various violations or incidents; 4 pending administrative violations (ABC). The manager has been uncooperative and even alluded to as antagonistic.

Other licenses not renewed for failure to r4eceive the needed 4 yes votes included;Pueblo Viejo, Chez Maree.

All non renewals can apply to the ABC for a 30 day temporary license while the ABC reviews the reason for the non renewal. In the past the ultimately has been an ABC instruction for renewal.

Four establishments had their request tabled pending correction of coded violations most from the Fire Department.

The one other resolution of importance had to do with rejecting the bids for I believe package 3 of the 4 road reconstruction pac kages for 2012. The problem wa sa technical one since one of the bids was opened with those in another group about 2 hours before the advertized time. There will be a resolution in July requesting new bids.

One of the excuses for the error was the vacancy in the Purchasing Officer's position. Council President Mapp read a communication from City Administrator Berry announcing the temp[orary appointment of Special Corporation Counsel Lucas Phillips to that position. I trust he has the qualifications required by law.

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