Thursday, June 14, 2012


In addition to the “Berry letters” and the Charter revision resolution; there were other important resolutions approved Tuesday night for placement on Monday’s agenda.

Four resolutions that were under unfinished business were finally after two previous meetings approved for action. Two dealt with authorizing t5he execution of an agreement for services that were continued from previous budget years for contracts awarded by the “Fair and Open Process” which favors “Pay to Play vendors.

One was to Inserveco Insurance Services, Inc. for Insurance Consultant Services of a Third Party Claims Administrator. The second one was to Brown and Brown Metro Inc, and Reliance Insurance Group jointly for Insurance/Broker/Risk management consultant Services.

These resolutions had originally not been considered because they were not in compliance with an Ordinance approved late 2011 requiring competitive bidding. They were not reconsidered the last two months because administration presented them just prior to the Council meeting not on the Wednesday before per Council rules.

The vendors have been operating without a contract since Jan. 1 2012 and the retroactive resolutions would extend their contracts to Dec. 31, 2012.

Special Corporation Counsel Phelps has explained that because of what he feels is faulty wording of the Ordinance there had to be a “triggering resolution” authorizing the requests for RFPs.

There has been some misunderstanding about these resolutions by various Councilors but this time two specific ones will be placed on the agenda.

Resolutions approved for placing on the agenda included the awarding of a contract to the lowest bidder for purchase of a new fire pumper, of the total $347,373.00 all but $35K, the City’s required participation, is covered by a federal grant.

There were five “Discussion Items”; two had to do with reported improper use of city vehicles and unauthorized access to the city yard fuel pumps. Director of Public Works etc. Jackson assured the Council that there were no improprieties found in both cases.

If there is smoke there may be fire, but it would take photo documentation to prove any wrong doing.

The third item had to do with authorizing RFPs for third party collectors of outstanding Municipal Court fines which total about $789K. There would be “no cost to the City”!

Obviously, the collectors would receive their revenue from a percentage of the funds collected. In other words the city might get 75% of money collected. The 25% the collector retained would not be considered a cost since the Money was never being collected

The fourth Discussion Item was to be presentation of shared services with the County. Frank Guzzo was unable to make the meeting but will present his offer at Monday night’s meeting.

The last item was deferred. It was to be an update on Mayor Brigg’s suit against the Council. However the matter was under discussion at the Executive Session which was going to be reconvened after the close of the Council meeting.

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