Saturday, June 30, 2012


This is from the State statues that qualifies Special Corporation Counsel Phillips to act as Temporary Purchasing Agent. There is a conflict in the City Charter that limits"Temporary"appointments to 90 days without the right of succession.

2[If in the office of purchasing agent a vacancy occurs in a position formerly held by a qualified purchasing agent,] Following the appointment of a qualified purchasing agent as the purchasing agent for a contracting unit pursuant to subsection a. of this section, and if the person appointed no longer performs such duties,2 the governing body or chief executive officer, as appropriate to the form of government, may appoint, for a period not to exceed one year commencing from the date of the vacancy, a person who does not possess a qualified purchasing agent certificate to serve as a temporary purchasing agent. Any person so appointed may, with the approval of the director, be reappointed as a temporary purchasing agent for 2a maximum of2 one additional year following the end of the first temporary appointment. No contracting unit
shall employ a temporary purchasing agent for more than two consecutive years.

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