Monday, June 18, 2012


The mystery is solved; a closer reading and comparing proposed R222-12 with the to be rescinded R036-12 reveals that this Resolve has been eliminated:
“FURTHER RESOLVED, that Mayor Robinson-Briggs is fined the maximum amount ($200) per the Plainfield City Charter for not complying with the legal requirements of said City Charter to produce evidence for a City Council investigation into the misuse of public funds; and be “
In its place a new innocuous resolve has been added: “Further Resolved, that the findings of the investigation conducted by Ramon River, Esq. are hereby memorialized and adopted by the Governing Body”
This entire means is that the Mayor has not been fined $200.00. Did the City pick up her legal expenses in here suit against the Council? Has she dropped the suit in favor of this change? How much in legal fees has this cost the city, Councilor Reid?

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