Monday, June 25, 2012


I have two hanging flower baskets on my front porch. Up to a week ago both were in full bloom, but suddenly the one near the door lost all of its flowers. Yet the foliage remained verdant and full.
When I went to look at the plant a Robin suddenly flew out of it. It had just built a nest. I guess home is where you nest.
The Supreme Court’s session will end Thursday; then is when it expected to release its decision on Obama Care. It is my bet that except for the mandatory health insurance requirement tha5t it will uphold almost all provisions of that law.
Monday the Court threw out most of the Arizona immigrant’s law. “By a vote of 6-2, the court voided a provision making it a state crime for an immigrant to fail to carry federal registration papers. By 5-3 votes, it invalidated sections that authorized jail time for illegal immigrants who seek work in Arizona and that gave state and local police more power to arrest immigrants suspected of offenses.
Arizona's one victory came in the court's decision to uphold the status-check provision. Federal law already requires immigration authorities to respond to checks from state and local officers, indicating that Congress saw nothing wrong with such "consultation" between arms of government, the court said” Wall Street Journal story.
Locally; tonight at 7PM is the Council’s 4th Ward Town Hall meeting at the Jefferson School. There is no mention of the meeting on the City site except on the Calendar where it notes that the location is the old Jefferson School on Myrtle Ave. 

However at the Council meeting the location was announced as at the “new” Jefferson School on West Front Street. Take your choice. 

You will note that there is a difference in type size in parts of this blog which I cannot explain. I write it in Word 7 using Veranda 14. 

When I copy it to post in the blog the "article" is all the one font and one size, yet when posted there is the variations you see. Who has a good explanation? 


  1. You don't give your opinion on the immigration or mendatory medical quesston. Protecting the rights of ILLEGAL immigrants sounds absurd by any measure.

  2. I have frequently in earlier blogs starting in a Sept 2008 2 day posting
    (26 or27)blog " Mostly about Health Care. and since then written opinions on health care . Some were instead a critique on the Health Care law.Unfortunately I have not label my blogs so to find specific ones, one must scan the list on the right side of the page.

    I have also written several blogs on immigration issues.

  3. Hi, Doc,

    The meeting is at Jefferson School--located at 1750 West Front Street, tonight at 7:00 pm. Council President Mapp posted it on his blog.

    At the last town hall meeting, I had asked for a clarification of what is meant by "Jefferson School," as many people are still confused by the old Myrtle Avenue location, which used to be Jefferson. I was told that whenever references are made to Jefferson School now, the reference is to the school on 1750 West Front Street--the old National Starch Building. It was used as a "swing" school for several years while the new schools were being built, but is now the permanent home of Jefferson. The Myrtle Avenue building is now the administrative building and is no longer called Jefferson. At least, that is what I have been told.

    All best,


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