Sunday, June 10, 2012


Once again (x4?) the Mayor has asked for approval of the same nominees for Commissioners of the PMUA. Once again the majority of the Council will vote not to place it on next Monday's agenda.

Likewise the monthly request for resolutions (a) appointing Inservo Insurance as the consultant for insurance claims retroactive to Jan. 1,2012 ; (b) appointing Brown &Brown,Metro and also The Reliance Insurance Group as "jointly for the Insurance/Broker/Risk Management Services" also retroactive to Jan1,2012 will undoubtedly again not receive approval for an agenda vote next week'

The Council majority's objection is to the fact that in both cases the contracts were not subject to competitive bidding.

In the same 'Unfinished Business bracket are two resolutions; one authorizing the competitive bidding method for 'Risk Management/ Insurance Consultant; the other authorizing competitive bidding for the Third Party Claims Administrator. Both have been rejected before since Resolutions and Ordinances passed in 2011 required that action. Administration claims it can 't act without these enabling Resolutions.

There will be a Resolution presented to"Recommend the immediate request for a study of the Plainfield Charter" The past year has highlighted the impracticality of having a 'Corporation Counsel" who is to represent the Mayor (Administration) and the Council. Since that individual is appointed by the Mayor and serves at her indulgence whenever there is a conflict of opinion he is in a position of not being able to serve two masters. In fact the Corporation Counsel has assumed the role of the Mayor's spokesperson at Council meetings. (More later).

After Wednesday I will have time to opine on other resolutions up for action June 18.

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