Monday, June 6, 2016


Sorry but this was a lost weekend in which I did not accomplish that which I had planned. Partly because I overslept Friday, Saturday and Sunday starting every day an hour late. Then somehow telephone calls and some necessary errands and on Sunday a visit from a first cousin three times removed!!! Whom I had never seen before made Sunday’s day.

Sunday of course was the 27 the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre which in China can only be celebrated in Hong Kong. An abortive attempt to free the people from tyranny a danger that we must always be cognizant that could happen here if we let demagogues sway us.

Today June 6 marks the 72nd anniversary of the beginning of the end of Tyranny in Europe with the landings in Normandy. There are only few of us that have memories of those years.

Tomorrow June 7th is New Jersey’s Primary election day. The past two days history should, make us realize that we have a special privilege that others still do not or had lost, we should guard that by exercising our right to vote, Yes in Plainfield it is important only for the Democrat Party members.

With the exception of the Presidential candidates and Congressional this election means the winners will take office next year. To me it is clear that the local Party nominees are the best for the city.

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  1. After what they did on Memorial Day and now DDay, I am about to boycott google as an Anti American internet site. They honor osama bin laden, mao tse tung and fidel castro as heros and disrespect Our Loyal American Patriots who died so that they could make $billions! What Dirtbags!