Tuesday, June 28, 2016


What a remarkable 4 days. The latest polls have Clinton’s lead over Trump to be in double figures. Of course the Donald has an answer; all the pollsters and the media are Democrats and their sample are picked from Democrats.

To the surprise of all the pundits and politicians the Brits voted to leave the EU.

The British Prime Minister submitted his pending resignation and called for Parliamentary elections WHICH WILL TAKE Meanwhile no one in the Conservative Party wants to become Prime Minister, and there I a strong movement in the opposition Labor Party to oust its leader.

The British government in order to firm economic relationships with other EU countries wants to take its time to formally break ties while the EU leaders want it to be immediately.

French President François Hollande said Britain needs to get out quickly to end the uncertainty. “We must not lose time, neither for dealing in a suitable way with the question of the United Kingdom’s exit, nor for providing a new impetus for the E.U.,” Hollande said. (BBC)

Germany, France, and Italy insisted the EU will not hold informal talks with the UK until it triggers Article 50 to leave the voting bloc.

Cameron the Prime Minister is adamant; “It will be for Britain and Britain alone to take.” He also said that there will be no new vote to undo what has been done. The People have spoken.

Without trying to anticipate the economic impacts both on the UK and globally, as well as the potential political effects on Great Brittan with should try to understand why.

This was apparently triggered by a reaction against the influx of foreign labor, mostly Muslim, and the financial stress on the Blue Labor Class. It is “Trumpian” in character and fueled by the same fears that the Donald has played upon to gain a majority of delegate votes at the Republican Convention.

The vote was not rational but an urban workers revolt against a political system that did not seem to have their interests affecting policy. The overall impact of this action was not considered and may be reflected in countries such as the US where there is an available jobs problem.

SCOTUS’s landmark decisions over the weekend deserve a separate blog as does the political scene.

Noon newsflash" : 
British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn loses no-confidence vote
The defeat adds to pressure on the leftist politician to step down amid deepening political fallout in Britain from last week’s E.U. referendum.

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  1. The Clinton News Network polls show her in the lead but the Quinipiac poll shows a dead heat!