Wednesday, June 22, 2016


The three Discussion items were the last bit of important business since every resolution was adopted either as part of the Consent Agenda or by unanimous voice vote without any discussion. 

Representatives of the Water Company remarked that the water leaves the processing plant pure but with the addition of anticorrosive agent to prevent absorption n of lead and d/or copper from the mains. The problem of lead contamination lies with the piping in old houses that were either lead based or lead solder had been used

The advice was to run water a few minutes if it has been standing in the pipes for several hours. Also if there has been work on the mains run the house water for 5 minutes first.

The only question/comment was by Gloria who wanted to know why her PMUA bill was so high and since it was based on the water bill there should be an accommodation for watering the law.
Next April Stefel, Plainfield’s part time Grant expert began a prepared presentation on the Browmfield Grants. She tried to explain the difference of Brownfield contaminated soil and Toxic soil including the steps that were gone through to determine if any potential Brownfield property needed decontamination. Included are sites of former gas stations, dry cleaners, known old industrial sites among them are parking lots.
Grants come from both the State and the Federal Government with the latter being over 1 million dollars. Their use is specific with the projects to be determined. One of the most recent. Was to clean up the site for the South Second Street redevelopment.
The last discussion item was about supporting the at risk city youth. Although Council President Storch remarked that it should be delayed until the Mayor could be present.
Councilor Taylor must have been ready to jump because she launched a speech about how we must control gun violence somehow elating Orlando to the subject.

She added that there was going to be a conference on the problem Thursday. “Something is going on between 5 and 7 pm Thursday” and the Director of Safety was aware.
He denied having received any notice, and in rebuttal to Taylor’s charges about rampant crime noted that there had been a 27% decrease in violent crime in the last 36 months as well as a 40% drop in shootings.

Rivers said the Council must take action if there was a lack of cooperation between the Mayor and the Council. Tolliver made some remarks based on her personal experiences which I was unable to understand due to what seemed to be excessive poor acoustics.


  1. Politics, pure politics. Jerry's kids are still working against the city and not for us. It will be good to see them gone and precious time and effort made in moving Plainfield to a better place.

    1. Better by whose standards?

    2. By the majority who voted Sharon and Jerry out of our city. Better by me. I wrote it. These are my opinions, only mine and no one elses. Duh.

  2. Councilwoman Taylor is to be commended for the topical question regarding her water bill. The same question has been asked scores of times at PMUA and other public meetings by a host of citizens spanning years. There is a perceived inequity to be sure. However, the issue is a zero sum game. The PMUA is obligated by its flawed Charter to collect an amount, including a reasonable reserve for unanticipated costs, equal to what it spends. The only universal saving comes from a reduction in the total cost in operations. If a more equitable arrangement is devised regarding the water bill then some other rate must be increased to compensate. The question is who pays for what? Should those who do not water their lawn, or those who water their lawn less than others, subsidize those who do a great deal of watering? Bill Kruse