Wednesday, June 8, 2016


The local elections have determined that the Mapp faction will have a 5:2 majority on the 2017 Council with only Tolliver and Rivers representing the disintegrating Green Machine.

That is assuming that the three nominees for Williams’s replacement as 2nd/3rd ward representative will all be pro Mappers.

As for the party’s Presidential candidates; unless there is some unforeseen occurrence, I will have to vote for a person whose personal ethical morals are to say the least are very questionable The other individual could be a dangerous tyrant who has played on the fears and hatreds of all the bigot factions in America who would scrap all the liberties and protection our Constitution gives us.

Don’t sell Trump short. There are enough hate groups in this nation and enough Hillary haters that he could be elected.  The next four months may be crucial.

Muhammad Ali’s funeral led by California imam and scholar Zaid Shakir on the other hand will have transcended all symptoms of racial religious and ethnic prejudice in this country. Among those asked to give eulogies are Liberal American Rabbi Michael Lerner, Jewish actor-comedian Billy Crystal along with representatives of Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Mormonism and Catholicism. Former U.S. President Bill Clinton will deliver a eulogy. Other speakers include Ali’s wife, Lonnie; his daughter Maryum, and sportscaster Bryant Gumbel.

A letter from President Obama and the First Lady, who will be attending their daughter’s High School Graduation, will be read.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and King Abdullah II of Jordan reportedly had been scheduled to speak at the ceremony and then were removed from the program due to the number of speakers.

Too bad that Plainfield cannot reflect similar relationships. In Monday’s Wall Street Journal there was this two page spread from the AJC “U.S., EUROPEAN MAYORS UNITED TO FIGHT ANTI-SEMITISM”. The list of European Mayors from 31 countries included representatives of 81 municipalities in Germany. 34 New Jersey communities are represented, however Plainfield is conspicuous by its absence.

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