Sunday, June 26, 2016


"Family all gone". They had been here to attend with me the PHS Alumni Association Hall of Fame induction program.

They left impressed that there are people in Plainfield not politicians, who are genuinely interested in, improving the lot of Plainfield’s youngsters.

People who like Martin Cox, the founder of PHSAA, give freely of their time so that some 250 scholarships in the past 16 years could be provided for college bound graduates., so that in addition needed funds or supplies can be funneled to some 75 organizations such as Faith, Bricks & Mortar over that period of time. People like Horace Baldwin who serves as FB&M executive director. Or people like Cliford Holmes who voluntarily for the past 25 years has spent 3 nights a week tutoring 3 students in mathematics.

What is impressive is that there are people in Plainfield who are not interested in what is in it for me but instead what can I do for those in Plainfield who need help.

Their interests deserve greater publicity by the media, the bloggers, and each one of us.We should stress the positives not only the circuses that all too often are the Council meetings.

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  1. Good commentary, Doc. And congratulations!