Thursday, June 23, 2016


Since I have family the next three days it is unlikely that I will be posting

THE House has recessed until July 5. It will not have to vote on the four gun laws that have been already rejected by the Senate.

SCOTUS by a 4:4 vote did not act on a lower court’s ruling against Obama’s delay in enforcing deportation of illegals. In 3efffect it voided that Presidential action.

SCOTUS by a 4; 3 vote upheld Texas University affirmative action policy.

The DOT has made a ruling on personal drones

They require that drone pilots keep their aircraft within sight, operate only in daylight, and weigh less than 55 pounds, and fly no higher than 400 feet and not fly over strangers. Commercial operators will be vetted by the DOT.

Operators of commercial drone will have to have at least23 hours training and pass a written exam. They too are prohibited from night flying.

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  1. Enjoy time with the family doc.