Saturday, June 11, 2016


On 6/10/15 at 8:52 pm anonymous wrote and asked me to delete his comment to my blog Today’s Potpourri the following;” no one is forcing you to vote for anyone. You will choose to vote for someone you don't like because you don't like someone else more and feel you have to share that negativity”

He was responding to my comment that in November I would be fo4rced to vote for Clinton. He is right but he missed the point of my comment.

Unfortunately the two party candidates, unless something unforeseen happens will be Clinton for the Democrats and Trump for the Republicans. The choice will be between a very tainted Clinton and a dangerous demagogue Trump who would and could destroy the very principles by which our democracy and way of life functions.

The natural response would be to vote for neither and quite likely our next president would be a person who has constantly preached racial, ethnic and religious hate. He has welcomed the support of leaders whose agendas promote those causes. His election would place into influence modern equivalents of Hitler’s Brown Shirts.

Since abstention from voting or wasting a vote on a fringe candidate who has no chance of election would open our nation to such a danger; it is important to make sure Trump cannot receive a majority, therefore the only alternative is to vote for the lesser of two evils.

*:52 anon, I will not be forced to vote for Clinton by anyone but rather by my concern for our Constitutional liberties and your right to hold and express an opinion critical of another.


  1. You completely ignore the checks and balances in our government. Is your likening Trump to Hitler racist because Trump has German ancestry?

    1. No I have not ignored them. Do you think they would work in the hands of someone determined to destroy them. You assume that T is going to be bound by the Constitution?

  2. Maybe Trump will do something about the National Debt. Maybe take a chance?

    What we do know with Clinton is it will go up.

    Imagine what the country would be like if we paid it down.

    1. He has solved his debt problems in the past by defaulting or/and bankruptcy. Of course that was not he but one of hi enterprises.

    2. It looks like Trump would pay himself before he pays any down, and screw everyone else in the process.

    3. Hundreds of Lawsuits Have Been Filed Against Donald Trump Alleging That He Doesn't Pay His Workers- USA Today 6/11/16


  3. Doc, you are right on this one and we need to pay attention. As a history buff, I see much of what Trump is doing similar to what Mussolini did to get in power. This is very dangerous and Trump's response to the massacre in Orlonda is further proof of his unfitness to be President. I left the Republican party because of my distast for what being Republican became under Reagan.

    1. So Bob what are your thoughts about Regan now that history shows him to be one of the best Presidents the country has had.

  4. Dear Doc,
    I am Anonymous
    And you been Punked by an interloper

    Sorry to say whomever calmed to be the author of the for mentioned comments was not, indeed, the author. I was and I have not asked you to remove anything.
    I also never asked you to give up your vote,it is to precious. Too much blood has been spilled for it. I would never do that. I am suggesting that no one is twisting your arm to vote for Secretary Clinton, there are other candidates that may be more to your liking. If you are supporting the Secretary than stand up for why you support her, not why you have to hold your nose. Tell me why you are holding your nose, and show me someone better.
    Further, I thought you had indulged in drinking the Hillery is "morally corrupt" kool aid. I personally think she is a flawed candidate but who is not? If you are going to vote for her, why not just say that , rather than jumping in the mud with people like Trump and name calling? I think we have to take a higher road. I think it demeans us all to reduce our commentary to that of third graders on the playground. I don't call her names, nor do I call Trump names, though I can think of a few it's just not seemly.
    I want a little more Pollyanna and a little less, what? would it be tacky to say Trumpish?
    I for one will put my positive support behind the flawed human being Hillery Clinton, because she has done a great deal for the world and I believe she will continue to do so in future.
    If we want candidates with no baggage, we have to change a great deal, I prefer we not do it this year. I, for once in my life, agree with Gloria Taylors comments at the portrait unveiling.
    If we are not part of the solution we are part of the problem. We have clearly seen how easily manipulated and influenced the populace is by our words, I for one will be careful with my adjectives.
    Sorry to cause any kind of firestorm-
    respectfully yours
    Your anomalous anonymous neighbor who is not a He!