Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Next Tuesday is Primary Day. Unless Sanders sweeps California the New Jersey’s Democrat Primary will not impact on their convention. The Republicans are already saddled with a rouge candidate. Locally the Democrat primary is tantamount to election.

Time to recall more Presidential elections of the past and ultimately we will find out that our present dependency on primary voting is a relatively new phenomena.

In 1836 the Whig Party without any national convention ran 3 candidates against the Democrat’s Van Buren who received more votes than the total of all three Whig candidates, The leading Whig was Harrison.
However like Hoover, shortly after Van Buren began his Presidency the country suffered the worst recession in its history. The Whigs at their first national convention for the 1840 election nominated Harrison who was replaced Van Buren after a very vitriolic campaign.

Harrison is noteworthy for being the first President to die in office within months of being sworn in. He was succeeded by the VP, Tyler who promptly angered the Whig Party leaders.

For1844 the Whigs snubbed Tyler and nominated the old warhorse Henry Clay who was notorious for his alcohol; consumption and chasing women. To balance the slate they chose a so called Christian gentleman from=m New Jersey, Theodore Frlinghuysen.

The Democrats after 8 ballots compromised on an unknown James K Polk aka James K. Who? Once again it was a dirty campaign but Polk won. Perhaps his victory was aided by the Democrats of New Orleans who loaded a boat with Democrats and sailed up the river where at three stops these Democrats cast their ballot (times 3)

The Whigs won in 1848 with Zachary Taylor who died from an intestinal disorder 16 months after being elected. His short Presidency was marked by territorial problems ending with the Clay Compromise of 1850 in which California was admitted a “free State” and New Mexico which then included Arizona and Utah be admitted “with no mention of slavery”. The compromise also included recommendations for a stricter Fugitive Slave Act.

No party was happy and for the 1852 election the Whig Party who planned to nominate Tyler was blocked by a splinter group that opposed the Clay Compromise and after some 50 ballots chose Winfield Scott who lost after a dirty campaign in which the e slavery issue was less prominent to personal attacks based on Pierces alcoholism and claims that Scott was Catholic and ineligible to be President because of an old New Hampshire Law that prohibited Catholics from voting or holding office.
On the way to his inauguration Pierce’s train was in an accident and his sole surviving son killed. Pierce who had been sober again took to heavy drinking.

Peirce’s Presidency was a disaster. His Vice President could not attend the March Inauguration and died soon after of TB. The Whig Party disintegrated because of too many factions and for the next election the Republicans-a new Party- became a factor.


  1. If there is any true justice still in this country, then Hillary will be indicted for the email server and the investigation into the Clinton Foundation will end in an indictment.

    1. Don't ignore Trump University, the deals with the Hong Cong billioners and the suits against Trump. Also his income tax reports and many false statements as facts. Would you prefer this dangerous Neo Nazi?

    2. Trump's playbook is much like Bill Clinton's. Make America Great Again (Bill's line originally) and beef up the border security and round up and ship back illegals (his words from 1996).
      I come from an American military family, both sides, maternal and paternal.
      From Lexington to Afghanistan and all conflicts in between. A West Point Superintendent, and Inspector General in Havana who was good friends with Teddy Roosevelt and was pegged for the Whitehouse until he was felled by a heart attack.
      I would rather see Bernie or Donald there than more people like the Clintons.
      They are out for themselves, not this country!!!!!

    3. Monday marks the 72nd Anniversary of Dday and to celebrate this Obama is inviting the Broncos to Washington to celebrate their super bowl victory.
      It should come as no surprise every since he apologized to Japan on Memorial Day!
      Carter must be breathing easy now, because he will no longer go down as the worst President in US History!
      What a waste! From Wilson to the present, there have been No Progressives that have done anything worthwhile for this country!!!