Sunday, June 19, 2016


Monday is both the last day of Spring and the first day of Summer. Whichever season it is it will be hot. It is also the date of the June Council meeting.

If the Agenda Fixing Session last Tuesday almost all agenda items will be approved rapidly, many on the Consent Agenda. The liquor licenses renewal have to be voted individually.

One item, the appointment of Richard J. Gartz as CFO to serve (we hope) until the end of Mapp’s term-Dec 31, 2017.should be approved. Unfortunately his compensation is not mentioned in the Resolution and I believe the Council has to approve that also.

Did you take the time to read Siddeeq El-Amin’s remarks at Friday night’s vigil? Go to Dan’s blog and click on the link.

Someone should send them to the Donald for him and his bigot rabble rousers to read.

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