Thursday, December 3, 2015


Xenophobia continues to rear its ugly head. Today it is fear of Muslims and focusing on refugees.

This fear has been aggravated by this week’s mass killings in San Bernardino, by a Muslim couple, one of whom was a native born American.

We American’s boast about our compassion for others yet we have a history that belies that boast.

Today there is a similarity to this nation’s state of mind in the 1930s-40s regarding the Jews

The Holocaust Museum a week ago made this statement: “Acutely aware of the consequences to Jews who were unable to flee Nazism, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum looks with concern upon the current refugee crisis,” the museum said in a statement on Thursday.

“While recognizing that security concerns must be fully addressed, we should not turn our backs on the thousands of legitimate refugees. The Museum calls on public figures and citizens to avoid condemning today’s refugees as a group. It is important to remember that many are fleeing because they have been targeted by the Assad regime and ISIS for persecution and in some cases elimination on the basis of their identity.”

Look at our history about migrant refugees who are a displaced people escaping danger who, unlike conventional immigrants, have not voluntarily left their homes for reasons like family reunification or economic opportunity.

During the late 1930s, for instance, as European Jews were fleeing Nazi aggression, two-thirds of Americans opposed increasing immigration ceilings to admit them, citing fears that Bolsheviks or German agents might slip into the country. This was also a time of international isolation, marked by economic depression and extreme anti-Semitism.

Our business and religious leaders including Henry Ford, Father Charles Coughlin, and leader of the anti-Semitic Christian Front, in his weekly radio broadcast preached our isolationism and hatred of Jews.

JTA’s article this week on this subject reported quotes from politicians such as Rep. Jacob Thorkelson, a Montana Republican, said “Jewish migrants are part of an “invisible government” tied to the “communistic Jew” and to “Jewish international financiers”. And Sen. Robert Reynolds, a North Carolina Democrat, said Jews are “systematically building a Jewish empire in this country. “Let Europe take care of its own people,” he said. “We cannot care for our own, to say nothing of importing more to care for. “Reynolds told Life magazine he merely wanted “our own fine boys and lovely girls to have all the jobs in this wonderful country” Shades of Trump and Cruz!

President Franklin D. Roosevelt himself warned that Jewish refugees might be Nazi spies, coerced to do the Reich’s bidding with threats against relatives back home. At a news conference, Roosevelt explained how refugees – “especially Jewish refugees” – might be forced into service for the Nazis with the threat that if they declined, they would be told, “We are frightfully sorry, but your old father and mother will be taken out and shot.”

In one of the most infamous incidents involving Jewish refugees, the SS St. Louis, a ship loaded with Jews fleeing the Nazis, sailed to the waters off of Florida in 1939, its passengers begging Roosevelt to enter the country. But Roosevelt said no, and the ship returned to Europe. Nearly half its passengers would perish at the hands of the Nazis,

I could go on with this history although with the onset of the Cold War, anti-communism and diplomacy guided US actions on refugees and revealed the selective application of humanitarian compassion. For much of the second half of the 20th century, policies allowing refugees' entry were implemented in an ad hoc fashion and usually only applied to people fleeing communist regimes. For example, the Soviet invasion of Hungary in 1956 prompted the admission of tens of thousands of Hungarians, and Cuba's socialist revolution of 1959 led to the United States accepting hundreds of thousands of refugees from that country. ." By contrast, during the 1980s, Haitians fleeing the dictatorial but US-backed Duvalier regime were repeatedly denied asylum or refugee status.

After the Vietnam War, Americans hesitated to admit Southeast Asian refugees, due in part to a legacy of anti-Asian immigration exclusion and a desire for closure from a divisive war. Because people were fleeing Communist governments, politicians acceded that the United States had a duty to admit them, and Americans' urgency to do so deepened after learning about tragedies like the plight of "boat people" and the "killing fields" of Cambodia. (Wikipedia)

We have recognize the problem when President Jimmy Carter signed the Refugee Act of 1980, which created a comprehensive system for processing refugee and asylum cases, he proclaimed, "[It] is the historical policy of the United States to respond to the urgent needs of persons subject to persecution in their homelands.".

We have the right to fear and combat terrorism with its militancy to kill innocent peoples. Today it is the fundamentalists ISIS who we justifiably are concerned about.

We should be in fear and reject any political leadership that embraces a fundamental religion and advocates a Theocracy rather than the freedom of worship allowed by our Democracy.

Above all do not damn all Muslims because of the violence of a minority. Treat them as equals. They will unless you are a bigot. Make as good a citizen as you or I.


  1. Thank you, Doc. What you say is true. I despise people, like Trump, who use these situations to stir up more fear and try to control a situation they may never be able to control. This reminds me of the country's shameful treatment of Japanese Americans during World War II. Let's not make that shameful mistake again. I teach adults and have had and currently have many Muslim Americans in my classes and find them to be some of my best students. Let's not blame a whole group for a few bad apples. We forget that the US is not perfect and need to mind our own deeds and how they negatively or positively effect others in the world. I am proud to be an American and so are the vast majority of my students.

  2. I am not against Muslims. I believe in the axiom live and let live.But lets be real. Islam cannot coexist in a democratic society! They are diametrically opposed! Islam threatens our country, our freedoms and our way of life!
    You should take the time to read this article.

  3. Trump plays to the lowest denominator and unfortunately..there's plenty of it in America.
    The same people screaming that this is a "CHRISTIAN NATION" are the first to behave in the exact opposite way. The refugees should be allowed to come in. Do things slip through the cracks?? Yes they do sometimes. We're either an example to the rest of the world, or by ourselves. I'll take the risk and keep living the way we're supposed to live. Right about now, in America, "angry white men" are the biggest killing issue when it comes to mass killings.

  4. Hey Rob you mean like the angry white guy and his wife in San Bernardino? Or the angry white Major in Texas? Or the angry white guys in Mexico who put those 79 bodies in a mass grave?

  5. @Blackdog- ypu write- "Islam threatens our country, our freedoms and our way of life!" Is it Islam or the person that terrorizes our country?

    I can say the American Police Department terrorizes or threatens the life of "Black People"! I can say the KKK terrorized and did their best to eliminate the African American race or back then, The Negro race.

    Based on your comment I don't need to waste my time or energy reading any link you suggeat.

    Yep I Said It!!!

    1. I would recommend reading that link. Gives us a clearer understanding of Jihad.

  6. Right on Blackdog ... libs can't or wont see the truth. What's A.G. Loretta Lynch worried about? Not ISIS. Muslim hate speech. Which falls into SHARIA.

    1. You seem to be a very ignorant man and I know you never read the Quran. Muslim's were opting for free thinking and speech when the Catholic Church was torturing people for their thoughts. Stop being so self righteous. I bet you didn't come down on Christians, and I am a believer in Christ and Christmas, when Timothy MrVey bombed the federal building in Oklahoma City. You are looking for someone to hate. I don't like extreme right or left leaning people as they are one and the same; close minded, dangerous people. Before you condemn a whole religion, look at what Christians have done recently in the name of God and get some balance in your thinking. Radicals, be they Christian, Muslim, or whatever they are are dangerous people, as is the kind of hatred you espouse.

  7. What did my Granny always say? It takes one to know one!
    I have read not only the Quran , but I have also red the Bible. (Both cover to cover).Can you say the same?
    Never came across Jesus telling anyone to kill people as part of his religion, (which when he was alive was Judaism). Yet in the Quran believers are admonished to kill the unbelievers at least 100 or more times throughout the text.
    You like to think of yourself as educated so you should read Geller's new piece or THE MENACE OF ISLAM: ITS THEOLOGY AND PRACTICE
    by Daniel M. Schmeling put on line by the Lutheran Church.
    Oh and was it the Muslims opting for free thinking and speech when they burned down the library at Alexandria and started killing off scholars, scientists and physicians in 642AD when the Muslims conquered Egypt.
    Bob, I am very well read! I probably spend twice as much time with my head in books as you sit in front of your tv set or playing with the apps on your smart phone.
    By the way, I never said I was Christian or any other religion.

  8. Blackdog, bob and or Rob I will accommodate only so much acrimonious "debate" on the b log, and the will shut that subject down. This is not the old Ledger forum. I am happy that I can count you among my readers and always welcom`e your thoughtful comments.