Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Once again Gloria Taylor was right; why attend Council meetings?

Last night’s “bunny run” was the umpteenth the ambitious would be 20132016 Council President has missed this year.

After a brief presentation on the progress of the Elmwood Gardens demolition during which it was stated that all hazardous material had been removed and demolition is ready to start, the Council progressed to the Ordinances for Second and Final reading

Only two citizens spoke on the proposed agreement with the South Ave. developers. Richard Loosli presented statistics why compared to deals in other communities this one was financially a bad one for the community. He noted that this one was unchanged from the one rejected by this same Council a few months ago.

Alan Goldstein spoke for the PILOT agreement, noting that there will be increased income over the taxes presently generated. Also redevelopment is badly needed in the area.

The Council approved of this Ordinance and all others by a 6:0 vote. Likewise, all the 37Resolutionsd and 5 new Ordinances the agenda were approved without comments except for Vera Greave wondering why another 65K for a study on the Muhlenberg site. Sanchez explained that this was for development and writing a RFP for the redevelopment of the site as an unspecified “health care” facility. “Not necessary a hospital”.

During a brief meeting ending public comment session Siddeeq El-Amin requested once again that the Council correct the smears on his character when in 2014 it rejected the Mayor’s proposed appointment of him as Director of Public Safety., except for an apology by Councilors Williams and Brown there was deafening silence.

I departed prior to the agenda fixing meeting for the January reorganizing meeting in time to avoid any heavy rain and watch the entire Giants’ game.

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