Friday, December 11, 2015


The good news; fortunately there is a COUNCIL MEETING at 7pm Monday. I will try to get to the library for the backup material so that I can give some info and opinion on Sunday or Monday am early. No longer will I have mostly Trump to write about.

The newspapers that print the news still have interesting articles if one has time- a lost commodity in this age of texting to read.

Did you know that the Vatican has recently released a document stating that no longer should there be the attempt to convert Jews, and that anti-Semitism should be aggressively fought?

This completes a process which began in the 199Xs which began eliminating an 1162 phrase that called Jews ‘perfidious” as part of the Good Friday mass.

May this also apply to Muslims.

But there still is an element of bigotry that exists in many of our states’ laws which were based on the 1875 Congressman Blaine’s law passed as part of the Anti-Catholic attitude of Protestant America prohibited federal funding of religious schools. The only schools of that type were the Catholic parochial schools started because it was felt that Catholics were not getting equal education in the public systems.

Many states subsequently enacted their own “Blaine Laws” which by the terminology includes any school sponsored by a religious denomination. Recently the courts in Colorado and Missouri upheld those laws when there were objections to Protestant denomination run schools receiving funds for buildings and tuition support.

The government is building camps in Texas due to an expected large increase in unaccompanied minor immigrants fleeing drought, economic conditions and political violence in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras

The last bit today is that "Groundwater is disappearing beneath cornfields in Kansas, rice paddies in India, asparagus farms in Peru and orange groves in Morocco.
In California as these critical water reserves are pumped beyond their limits, the threats are mounting for people who depend on aquifers to supply agriculture, sustain economies and provide drinking water. In some areas, fields have already turned to dust and farmers are struggling. Down 150ft."(USA Today)

There is a justified fear that Kansas will turn into another dust belt ala the 30s Oklahoma. Only now there is no California to run to.

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