Tuesday, December 15, 2015


To my regret after a hurried posting of my blog this am I did not have the opportunity to use my computer and open my emails until about 4 pm today. It was then that I read the sad but not unexpected news about Dottie Gutenkauf’s passing.

One can only admire Dottie’s attitude of optimism over what she knew was a fatal malignancy. However it was typical of Dottie that she should have not a run of the mill cancer or melanoma but one that was unique.

Although Dottie and I had different views but never clashed about the worth of Socialism in our society; I highly respected Dottie and for almost two decades counted her as one of my most important community friends.

When at the Public Comment session of Council meetings Dotttie, always the last speaker, addressed the Council her remarks were always well thought out, pertinent to the subject, free of “bull” and advice that should have been followed.

Plainfield has lost a rare but true public servant who eschewed political office so that she could best be a people’s advocate.

I will miss her

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  1. Dottie was a woman of great warmth ,intelligence and thoughtfulness. We were friends and around the corner neighbors for many years! Thye woman you have remembered is also the Mother who was completely invoved with her son's education-- the select class and teacher he had when "bussing" started in Plainfield, Dot never missed a Board of Education meeting way before Our Hospital was challenged and closed! May her brain, heart and spirit live on in our future! Rita on Field AV