Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Addendum to Council Blog.

I hope that I did not imply that the Council meetings were not worth attending because nothing was done. On the contrary there were many important resolutions and the spending of many dollars authorized Monday night.

My complaint was based on the fact that the Resolutions and Ordinances were read and voted on so fast that it gave the impression everything was being rubber stamped.

To her credit Vera Greaves wanted to know why another consultant at the cost of $65,000.00 was needed for the Muhlenberg property. No one questioned any other expenditure just voted yes as Chairman of the whole, Brown, rapidly read everything by number or script.

No one has questioned the numerous fees for engineering services or for legal services as an example. How much more it costs us to use independent contractor rather than a full time salaried employees.

No Councilor seems to be able to factually question numbers provided by administration

Since many of these contracts seemed to be awarded sans a RFP. One cannot escape the thought that some of these awards are staffed by beneficiaries of political pay. Therefore it all too often does too often become the burden of the public speaker to become the watchdog. When the people are denied the information or the ability to digest what the Council id voting on, that is a disservice

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