Friday, December 11, 2015


No valid excuse for not attending either the Planning Board meeting or the so called Council 3rd ward Town Hall Thursday night. However for one who had never met a microphone he did not like a case of persistent laryngitis contributed to a lack of desire to make the effort. Also since I use a walker; the chance of there being no ideal parking at meetings other than those at City Hall or the Court Room is a concern. Finally I do not remember receiving an agenda for the Council meeting which I am told is being sponsored by a member of the Council not the entire Council.

The plus is that I have had time to read the two newspapers, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, that still have news in depth They plus on line columnist and news from the Washington Post have provided many interesting tidbits which are missing from the TV media news,.

For example; did you know that Ukraine “activists” destroyed the three power lines that went to the Crimea so it was without electricity for several weeks? Up until this weekend they prevented repair crews from working. Also the Russians are in the process of running an under the sea line to remove the dependency on the Ukraine.

That there is an active terrorist threat in Geneva today? That Scotland’s local government and institutions have broken ties with Trump who is now blasting their ingratitude after all he has done for the ‘country”. There has been a general negative outburst against Trump in Great Britain after his Muslim speech.

That the penalty for each adult member in a household not having health insurance is going up 50% in 2016 and by next year will reach an average $969.00 per adult.

That a recent poll reported that over 50% of registered voters equally from both Parties stated that they would be afraid if Trump was President and the same number reported the same thing about Clinton.

This is from columnist Greg Sargent; “Paul Schwartzman and Jenna Johnson have a fantastic piece that digs deep into Trump’s rhetorical patterns and finds, counter-intuitively, that he’s actually a very disciplined candidate:

He attacks a regular cast of villains including undocumented immigrants, Muslims, Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton, his GOP rivals and the media. He keeps the narrative arc of each controversy alive with an endless stream of statements, an unwillingness to back down even when he has misstated the facts — and a string of attacks against those who criticize him. All the while, his supporters see a truth-talking problem solver unlike the traditional politicians who have let them down.

I would only add that Trump also repeats variations of the idea that “something is wrong,” feeding vague, generalized uncertainty and anxiety, with remarkable regularity.” 

This week Tom Moran in the Ledger’s daily Christie blast wrote to the effect that one of Christies faults was that “he would not communicate with the media”. I wonder why.

And last of all since this is getting too long, two more Bon motes from Post columnists: “Terrorism presents a special kind of risk, because it is not only malicious and destructive, like other kinds of crime, but also, by design, politically and socially destabilizing. The whole purpose is to exploit freedom to destroy freedom”. Charles Lane

“You can’t be “just a little” intolerant of Muslims, any more than you can be “just a little” prejudiced against Catholics or Jews. Once the door to bigotry is opened, it is very hard to shut”. -- E.J. Dionne Jr

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