Friday, December 11, 2015


The NEWYORKER pundit Borowitz has a favorite (?) Supreme Court Justice to pick on. Probably because Justice Scalia recently during a case challenging the University of Texas’s diversity admission standards which will admit more “minority “student that those guaranteed if in the upper 10% of their High School Class supposedly remarked that Black students would probably do better in a less prestigious school, wrote yesterday:

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—A new study conducted by legal scholars indicates that Justice Antonin Scalia would fare better if he served as a judge at a court that was “less advanced” than the United States Supreme Court.

According to the study, Scalia’s struggles to perform his duties in a competent fashion stem from his being inappropriately placed on a court that is “too demanding” for a person of his limited abilities.

“Forcing Justice Scalia to weigh in on complex legal issues that he lacks the background or aptitude to comprehend is, at the end of the day, cruel,” the study said.

The legal scholars theorized that Scalia would be more likely to thrive in a “lesser court where he does not feel that he is being pushed to hear cases that are too challenging for him.”

“If Scalia were reassigned to a ‘slow track’ institution such as a town traffic court, that would be better for everyone,” the study recommended. “
My comment; so sad that even the SCOTUS is not immune to bigotry.

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