Saturday, December 12, 2015


The agenda packet for Monday’s night Special Council Meeting must be at least 2 inches thick. It is a good thing that Council members don’t have to declare under oath that they have read and understood the material upon which they will comment and vote upon.

The backup material on R478-15 authorizing the agreement with Sleepy Hollow Developers Urban Renewal, the South Ave project that Taylor at the last Council meeting reluctantly gave approval of the PILOT Ordinance, is at least 80 pages.

The material for R479-15 which approves a tax abatement for 15 years to Plainfield Genesis Affordable Housing LLC for the addition to the YMCA is another 20 pages.

Ordinance MC2015-41 2015-42 due to a potential conflict of interest transfers the City Public Defender to be under the Court rather than the Corporation Counsel who also appoints the City Prosecutor

Ordinance 2015-42 creates three new positions; WTC Peer Consultant, WTC Lactation Consultant, and Lead Resource Inspector. I am not sure what divisions the y will be under.

Ordinance 2015*43 creates 9 new four-way stop intersection. 3 are on West 8th St., another is the corner of Watchung and Kensington. Since Watchung has always been the through Street and speed is already controlled by bumps on Kensington, I think this will create more problems than could be solved with an intersection blinker light, red on Kensington and Yellow on Watchung.

R464-15 Seeking Council Confirmation on the assignment sale of a municipal held tax lien. Since it includes wording “the full amount of the certificate, including all subsequent municipal taxes and other municipal charges” does this mean that the purchaser now will be entitled to those taxes etc.? I hope some Councilor will ask for clarification.

There is a Resolution requesting grant monies for a new senior citizens vehicle. Another to Langan Engineering for the extension of the Green Brook Walkway project from Jefferson Ave. to Clinton. Apparently the section from Terrill Rd to Jefferson Ave, had been done and another one involving Remington etal for East Second Street from Leland to Terrill?

One other Resolution charges the Planning Board to “conduct an investigation” relating to the two old vacant factory buildings on South Ave west from Richmond St, They are eyesores detrimental to the revitalization of South Ave. and are in need of redevelopment.

One thing unique about this Special meeting is that it combines into one session the Agenda Fixing Meeting and the subsequent week later Business meeting. This certainly can have a negative impact on the Public’s opportunity to comment as well as the ability of the Council to discuss before voting. Under these circumstances any Councilor who votes against or abstains owes the public a verbal explanation.


  1. With regard to the tax lien, if the purchaser does in fact purchase the right to obtain the taxes how does this benefit the purchaser when the property was abandoned because the prior owner couldn't pay the taxes?

  2. What are the terms of the proposed PILOT for the South Avenue project? Is the current owner of the property paying taxes?