Tuesday, December 29, 2015


As I sit down to write this for the first time in this family’s 12 days of X-mas there is quiet in Chez Moi. Dawg is sleeping by my feet, he has ignored me since last Thursday evening when the Richmond gang arrived for a 2½ day stay and the Ohio gang arrived the next day. The great dispersal occurred on Sunday and Monday.

I am reluctant to give an Oh Hell report since the sample of only 5 games is too small to be significant, however some have shown an interest. I did learn during that time that perhaps due to “liquid reinforcements” one should be entirely oblivious of the number of cards there play and who bid what.

This as pointed out by the record of one individual who won the first nights only 2 games, and the next night’s 3 resulted in 1last and 2 next to last.

I was the fifth. My excuse of course was the worst dealt hands in the history of the game.

I was last only one game; the first where I the first two hands were the greatest I had ever seen and from there on all were impossible to bid.

The best example of my luck was the last game. I was in first place after 9 hands. Only one card is dealt for the 10th hand. I am sitting in the second seat and have the Queen of trumps. My opponent to my right  bids one and I of course with potentially  the highest trump since there are only two cards out of 52 in the deck that could beat me have to also bid ONE. Guess what! Old unconscious held the Ace. I ended third.

As an old time Brooklyn Dodger fan  I can say “Wait till next time”.


  1. Thanks for the update, Doc. You'll beat their butts next year!!!!!

  2. thank you for sharing Doc.. nice addition to my day.