Thursday, December 10, 2015


 Doctor's visit this am so just a brief anti-candidate blog.

Trump’s latest rant is against Time magazine because he was not chosen its ‘Man of the Year” At the same time he attacked the winner Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel as a loser who has brought Germany to the brink of disaster.

A Washington Post article Tuesday by Paul Schwartzman and Jenna Johnson in great detail claims that Trump is not irrational but it everything is an integral part of his nomination and election campaign.

He is a true demagogue who knows how to keep his name always in front of his target, the people.

To illustrate what a great choice we are going to have; let us not forget the Democrats. Hillary too is not above distorting the truth.

 According to “louderwithcrowder”. These 7 are part of Hillary’s “untruths”. The comments are Crowder’s
Chelsea Clinton was jogging around the World Trade Center on 9/11.  Immensely insensitive to those who actually were affected by this horrific attack, Hillary later admitted that Chelsea was actually safely in her Union Square apartment at the time of the attack.
She landed under sniper fire in Bosnia.  In true Brian Williams-esque form, to listen to Hillary’s account, she was ducking and running in a dramatic M*A*S*H type arrival scene in fear for her life.  In actuality, she and Chelsea can be seen on video walking across the Bosnian tarmac… smiling and greeting well wishers.  But hey, anybody could misremember deadly sniper fire, right?
She was named after Sir Edmund Hillary, one of the first two men to climb Mt. Everest.  This one’s just embarrassing.  Sir Hillary didn’t actually climb Mt. Everest (AKA, achieve any fame worth naming a child after) until Hillary Clinton was 6 years old.  Ouch.  So either Hillary’s mom was lying about her namesake Hillary’s entire life, or she waited until Hillary was 6 to name her, or Hillary just, you know, misspoke.  Again.
 Her family was dead broke when they left the White House.  They only made $12 MILLION the year after Bill Clinton’s Presidency.  I guess when you’re used to living off the taxpayer’s billions funding your vacations, private airfare and security, food, housing, and all, a measly few millions could be a rough adjustment, huh
She claims to have been instrumental in the Northern Ireland peace process.  Except those who actually were at the negotiating table say Hillary was nowhere to be seen
 She’s just like you.  No, really.  Because every woman in America has one child who’s always attended private schools, was married to a President, had a personal chef, flies in a environment polluting personal jet, and makes about $200K for every speaking engagement.
Benghazi – it was a disgusting video!  The worst of the worst.  We know for a fact, based on State Department documents, that not only was Benghazi a terrorist attack, but Hillary knew it was a terrorist attack which had absolutely nothing to do with a YouTube video.  Not only did she lie about Benghazi, she failed to act in response to the attack, and 4 American lives were lost in the conflict.

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