Sunday, December 6, 2015


A few free minutes between the humidifier (which seemed to have been FUBARed) service man, Wahoo basketball game, Dawg’s demand for attention, dinner, and two good college championship football games at the same 8 pm time. Thank goodness for the remote and/or the DVD. Those minutes give me the opportunity to express some random thoughts about OZ.

I have not been to any of the few meetings lately due to some minor medical problems and the meeting locations available parking which is not friendly to anyone with ambulatory handicaps.

Therefore like many of us I have to rely on the blog postings and so called official communications. Third party information can be biased so that its reliability is open to question.

However the official change in the three scheduled Council December meetings to a combined Special Meeting for the second month in a row without explanation is disturbing.

Since this seems to be done by the Council President the motivation seems to be political. The format of having the agenda setting session followed immediately by the business meeting is a charade.

There is no time for the public to digest and comment knowingly on the resolutions and ordinances that are being acted upon at the business session. The Business session it at the November meeting was turned into a rapid rubber stamp of everything approved at the short Agenda Fixing session which included walk-ons from the earlier posted agenda.

Once again the South Ave project PILOT which this time was approved with discussion although Taylor who voted for it made a remark that seemed to suggest that it would be torpedoed at the second reading.

I have heard no comments about the Mayor’s Town Hall meeting last Tuesday, which caused a rescheduling of the Planning Board meeting. Since there seems to be several new apartments including building up over existing structures on that agenda will the Planning Board consider the potential dangers inherent in the present favored “Fast Wood Construction”?

While it is true that this type structure meets State fire codes; it does not prohibit the City to have stronger codes. Will Gloria and the other Council members in their sincere concern for the welfare and safety of the people apply the same criteria to all when presented to the Council for PILOTs? Or better yet, would this Council pass an ordinance with stricter building codes??

Finally, are we going to be in for another year of the Taylor/Rivers bloc and this Administration along with the Campbell BOE playing self-agenda personal politics and work together for the good of the public?? The first sign would be the selection of the Council President.


  1. Check with the Mayor's cabinet Doc. I believe it was them who wanted to move the meeting to 1 meeting for December that is what I have been told.


  2. No local code can be more or less stringent than the Uniform Construction Code. No planning or zoning board can impose any construction related conditions on a project, even if presented as a trade-off, e.g., higher density for full automatic sprinkler protection. That's why the call it the "Uniform Construction Code." Everyone in every community can expect to build to the same standards. I don't agree with that premise, but that's the law.

    1. Michael, once again I am indebted by your knowledge. Thank you for the info. It is obvious that if real reform was desired our politicians in Trenton have to institute it.