Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Tonight the President addresses the joint houses of Congress. It will be a speech watched by millions on TV since it will be an indication about where he wishes to go.

There should be little question that the present Democrat minority in both houses will try to oppose everything. However the margin of GOP majority in the Senate is so small that there may be room for bipartisan action in that body, we hope so.

We have heard much about Trump’s complaint about “false news” by his opposition media such as the “failing New York Times” or CNN. Trump has answered by announcing his boycott of the DC Journalists’ annual dinner and roast,

Lately there has been a dearth of “Alternative Facts” from Kellyanne Conway on Fox news; Trumps OK media. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer' continues to distort facts to defend Trump’s statements and twitters.

Our dependence on internet and social medias as the source of news does give credence to the flow of false news.

An example is this news release from of an article by Lord Lockwell on Jan. 30 in CommerBlog, which some news media did pick it up as news without vetting the source.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The executive orders (EO) just keep coming. President Donald Trump just signed an EO stating: “No one is allowed to go to the Emergency Room with a cold.” What?! Is he building a wall around the hospitals? Then he has the audacity to not only limit these miserable citizens from the care they need, but he tells them in the EO that “Antibiotics will not work.”

True? No! This is from Snoop- “GomerBlog does have a page that explains what they are all about:”

“Welcome to the disclaimer page! You found it because you were either bored or thought one of the posts were true! Either way this should explain some things. Gomerblog.com is strictly a satirical and fake news blog site. All articles are fake and not intended to diagnosis medical conditions or to give medical advice. Please see a real medical website or your doctor for diagnosis and any medical advice. Please don’t take any advice from our website.”

“GOMER” is an acronym for “Get Out of My Emergency Room,” and GomerBlog’s targeted satire occasionally baffles and confounds people who do not work in the medical field. Previous instances of this include a satirical take on strict nurse’s station rules, and claims about the Food and Drug Administration approving an “Ativan diffuser” for the benefit of both staff and patients in a hospital. (Snoop)

GomerBog is a fun read.gomerblog.com/

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