Monday, February 6, 2017


What a horrible decision to have to make tonight. Sit back in my reclining chair and watch #6 Louisville play #9 Virginia and probably fall asleep in the first half since it is post dinner. Or take advantage of the beautiful weather and go to the Council meeting. For the first time in more than three months.

The negative for the later choice is the venue. The City Hall Library will be too small to accommodate those who will likely turn out in opposition to proposed Ordinance MC2017-10 which will amend and increase the reprehensible provisions of the Taxi Cab licensing in the Plainfield Municipal Code. By giving any police officer at “his discretion” the right to seize any non-city owned cab which he considers as a nuisance and in violation of the code.

It is time that the Council (and Administration) refocus its priorities and not act soley for local political economic patronage.

It is time to acknowledge that Plainfield, North Plainfield and the Rt.22 sections of Watchung as well as parts of South Plainfield are ONE economic entity. There should instead of restrictive ordinances be a common agreement with especially North Plainfield but best with all four communities to implement that concept.

The taxi cabs are only part of it. Yes the ones giving the best and most convenient services should be available to all residents of these communities.

Face facts; Plainfield has no Shop Right or Stop and Shop supermarkets, no national clothing stores, or other big box establishments. Of course locally special focus personally owned business should be encouraged and supported. They too will flourish if properly conducted. Also administration must actively act in returning the central business district to one that will again encourage traffic and a profitable atmosphere for all area residents.

I hope this ordinance will be trash-caned and the real issue addressed over the next few months.

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