Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Perhaps Blackdog can tell me if my priorities are wrong. Not about local politics nor county or state but on a grander scale; the state of the nation.

Finally the rubber stamp Senate decided that enough was enough and instead of approving Trump’s tainted nomination for various cabinet positions indicated that some Republicans would oppose him Andrew Puzder for Secretary of Labor. Rather than being rejected he withdrew his name.

That was a rare incident of sanity for the Trump Presidency. The Senate will return to “business as usual” by approving Price the man who used his committee chairmanship as a vehicle to make killings on Wall Street.

Today Trump remarked that Flynn had done nothing wrong but was the victim of a plot by the intelligence community to discredit him. He also alluded that the Democrats had orchestrated the leak out of spite for the FBI investigation of Hillary’s emails.

It seems that plus fake news it is OK to lie under oath. Or communicate with high Russian official about confidential matters.

Now arises the question; if during the Campaign members of Trumps election team were in contact with Putin’s inner circle.This has been denied as nonsense and fake news from the failing news media specifically the Times and the Washington Post.

Will we get the truth? Is this government capable of being honest?


  1. You my friend are a piece of work.
    You seem to have been drinking the kool-aid along with the others. I honestly find your stance on President Trump very sad.
    He is the duly elected President of the United States
    and deserves the respect that office brings with it!

  2. Blackdog even as a kid when Kool Aid first appeared on the scene I did not like or drink it. Water would do.
    Unfortunately Trump is OUR President. There have been other presidents that I did not vote for, but with perhaps the exception of Carter I accepted them all. Trump has yet to earn my respect. Certainly his use of Twitters or their contents is not presidential. Nor to date is his little boy reaction to criticism which was most evident in today’s press conference.
    Nixon was the duly elected President not only through the Elector‘s vote but by a substantial majority of the people’s votes. He had respect until Watergate and then faced impeachment. Agnew was our Vice President and as such should have been respected and above not faced potential criminal charges. The office does demand respect but the individual must act consistent with his position and do nothing to lose it.

    By the way, I try to form my opinions form facts derived from various sources and to my best knowledge true none are the “alternative facts” favored by this administration.

  3. Why isn't twitter good because now someone can put forth what they would like heard. Not just the news people take on something. Trumps press conference is getting got reviews but NBC Chuck Todd again puts forth his bias against Trump. He lost his credibility as a news person and he missed the boat with who was going to win the election.

  4. Doc you've been ripping Trump as a Nazi. What's your opinion of Bibi Netanyahu calling him the best friend Israel could possibly wish for?

    1. 3:42PM. Bibi is a politician who is hoping for better relationship with this administration than he had with Obama and Kerry. Too often they seemed to be catering to the Palestinians and the arab states at Israel expense. Example the Iran blank nuclear card treaty. I did often note during th election campaign that Trump's tactics including mass crowds reminded me of the Hitler of the 30s who once they legally got into power turned it into a dictatorship. Trump's habit of trying to make any one especially the judiciary who disagrees with him as the bad guy and twisting of facts are similar to the Nazi's rout to the dictatorship.
      As a courtesy to me please let me know who you are; I will keep it confidential since I respect yo.ur desire to be anonymous. However I must know who my antagonist is if I am going to continue pasting your comments.