Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Perhaps Blackdog can tell me if my priorities are wrong. Not about local politics nor county or state but on a grander scale; the state of the nation.

Finally the rubber stamp Senate decided that enough was enough and instead of approving Trump’s tainted nomination for various cabinet positions indicated that some Republicans would oppose him Andrew Puzder for Secretary of Labor. Rather than being rejected he withdrew his name.

That was a rare incident of sanity for the Trump Presidency. The Senate will return to “business as usual” by approving Price the man who used his committee chairmanship as a vehicle to make killings on Wall Street.

Today Trump remarked that Flynn had done nothing wrong but was the victim of a plot by the intelligence community to discredit him. He also alluded that the Democrats had orchestrated the leak out of spite for the FBI investigation of Hillary’s emails.

It seems that plus fake news it is OK to lie under oath. Or communicate with high Russian official about confidential matters.

Now arises the question; if during the Campaign members of Trumps election team were in contact with Putin’s inner circle.This has been denied as nonsense and fake news from the failing news media specifically the Times and the Washington Post.

Will we get the truth? Is this government capable of being honest?

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