Tuesday, February 21, 2017


 I finally had time to view Monday’s night DVR of the Feb.13 2017 Council meeting.
 Just like last night’s ball game it was a waste of time. The whole production was at best amateurish. Not only was the  sound too often indistinct but it was not synchronized with the  speaker being at least 5 or more seconds ahead of their mouth. Indeed when the public addressed the mike their comments often started before they reached the podium.
 I also had trouble understanding the new Director of Public Works as well as Sanchez and Smiley’s comments.
 What happened to the professional presentations of yore?  Plainfield deserves better than this unless we do not care if we are the laughing stock of the area.
 Perhaps it is just as well since except for Rivers repeated from the agenda session tirades about the costs of the Rushmore concession stand, the outside public relations agency and against the “taxi cab towing” ordinance there was no true discussion by Council members.
 I find it disturbing that no Councilor questioned the large numbers of legal firms awarded contracts and the total cost to the city.
 Alan Goldstein was the only voice against the repeal of the “pay to play” ordinance which passed on second reading with Storch, Tolliver and Rivers opposed. Tolliver and Rivers did oppose several other resolutions but only Rivers as noted expressed their objections. I feel that author of any negative vote or abstention should explain the reason for their action. Otherwise one must consider it to be just political and only for effect.
 The Mayor’s office is up for election this year and I understand that for the primary election there may be at least 3 or 4 potential candidates besides the Mayor for the ticket spot.
 By the way, the Plainfield site, if you know where to look, has the TV listings for the week from the 17th to the 23rd. The 13th Council meeting was scheduled for Monday and Wednesday night with the 07 session for tonight.

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