Sunday, February 26, 2017


This has been too nice and rare weekend to consider spending time at the computer. There will be no thoughtful opined blog today. Instead a selection of recent cartoons that best illustrate two of the most interesting news articles of the weekend. One is the discovery of a gaggle of earth like planets 40 light years away. Just a hop. skip. and jump.

The other of course is Trumps attack on the media culminating on today's announcement that he will skip the annual Journalist 's bash where the President almost always comes in for a roasting. Yes he has the opportunity to return the favor.

But first this statement from the WSJ about teh exclusion of certain "unfriendly" news media from the press conference.

 The Cartoons:

 And one about the appointment of the Secretary of Education and her qualifications; specifically  her contributions to congressmen. Or, who says that you can't buy votes?

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