Saturday, February 18, 2017


 Friday was a day of personal time consuming frustrations some on the phone fight computer messages that perhaps the only choices were of the “have you stop beating your spouse” type. Needless to say I not only received no answers to my problem but found out that the support site was an outsource that had no direct contact with the people who could give an answer. For the second week in a row I was told that I would be called back later, but no one has informed me what year.
 Then a financial agency that I have had no problem entering refused to accept my user ID and/or password. I was unable to correct on the internet so again had to use the phone. After about 30 minutes we were back on line.
 Every time I started to review my emails Dawg insisted on getting my attention to play or sit on my lap or go outside. Not an efficient use of my time.
 Finally at almost 9pm I turned on the TV and lo and behold the Plainfield Council meeting was being broadcast. Unfortunately they had reach the Ordinances for first reading and except for Tolliver’s questions on the bond ordinance which she alone voted against I could not understand anything Ron West said. Moreover the image was a broad-spread one of over 180% and all individuals were too small to see who was talking.
 When the public comment session took place there seemed to be a disconnect between the speaker at the mike and the voice sound which sometimes was absent.
 I am still ignorant about that meeting.
 If and when I get a chance to review all the internet spot news as well as the papers I may post today or Sunday on national affairs. Suffice to say Congress is in recess so it will continue as usual its necessary constructive work. Trump is in Florida playing golf which he criticized Obama for doing only the costs of Trump’s weekend far exceeds Obama’s.
 We are also footing the bill for protection around the New York apartment (OK), the NJ golf course, Florida winter “White House”, the sons business trips to various parts of the world. Also for Ivanka and Kushner’s DC home.
 Yes as part of the President’s family they need and deserve the FBI protection they get. However for every one of the above our money goes to pay for something that Trump still gets the profits since he has an ongoing interest in either the venue or in the brand sales.

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