Thursday, February 23, 2017


Although I only posted a few I did receive many email birthdays greetings. Rather than acknowledge each individually, I am expressing my gratitude to each one of you for his/her thoughtfulness. In three more years I expect to have a real bash.

Like many of us I have collected many bottles of medicine that I no longer used. Disposing them or out of date pills is a problem since their contents could represent a danger to others or the environment.

One should not throw them out in the garbage or wash them down the toilet. Some Pharmacies will get rid of them but don’t make public that service. Occasionally there have been local collection centers set up for a few days usually by the police.

Since this a public safety measure what is needed is a policy to have a municipal collection at least annually at the same time although more frequent intervals would be ideal.

This should be of concern to our administration and the appropriate agencies will be directed to act on this matter.

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