Monday, February 20, 2017


President’s Day was a great day for relaxation. I forgot about the bug in my Word program and will work on it Tuesday. Instead I spent the afternoon catching up on some magazine readings especial BAR; learning about Laodicea a prosperous important early Christian city in Asia Minor mentioned in Revelations, It had been the site of at least 3 earthquakes and destroyed and abandoned in the 7th Century CE.

Also about Hazor; this upper Galilee city was once the most powerful city in the southern Levant in the mid and late Iron ages. More interesting was the article about Duro-Europos a long ago destroyed ”Syrian” city on the Euphrates River where archeologist believe that they have found the earliest painting depicting the Virgin Mary.

I was torn (not really) between watching the Hoos basketball game – a disaster- or finally the recent Council meeting. I chose to “tape” the latter and will look at it probably Tuesday. 

I can not ignore our duly elected President who appointed a new Director of National Security and also had the White House issue a  clarification of his Sweden remarks. All will be subject of an opinion blog.

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