Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Not having been to Monday night’s meeting I cannot make any comments on what transpired except from what I have read in other blogs and media.

No one should moan that the sick day/ pay ordinance did not pass. As written there were many faults, and passing it with the “amendments” made it a new document which needed to go through the two reading process. Slip shot ordinances and resolutions have been the bane of municipalities that result in litigation.

My own opinion is that this subject should be the prerogative of the State. Also it is imperative that it is not punitive to small mop/pop business. As written this one was too vague to fulfill that parameter.

My lack of posting is due to an accidental injury that involved my left rotator cuff and added to an old right cuff injury motion of arms is not only limited put painful at times so I am not driving. PT will fix this in due time.

I expect to go back to the Iran agreement soon; suffice to say our good friend Putin has revoked a ban on selling Iran advanced anti-missile/aircraft weapons. By the time anything is enacted Iran will be able to negate any UN action.

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