Friday, April 17, 2015


Thursday night I “unfortunately" belatedly turned on Channel 34 the Verizon Plainfield site. The public commentary on the Sick Pay Ordinance was ongoing and at that time John Campbell was speaking. I listened to most of the speakers, several incoming phone calls interrupting my attention.

I am continually disturbed by our Council President’s not enforcing the Council’s rules. In this case the, as someone called them, “carpetbaggers” have continued to monopolize the earliest portion of the Public Commentary session instead of waiting until all local citizens have had their word.

Once again I was confused by Councilor Taylors remarks of how she was in favor of the Ordinance but she listens to the people and will vote against it.

The concept is a good one and should be a state wide plan. However Trenton’s political legislature leadership is handling it like a hot potato and is steering clear of any action.

Yesterday (Thursday) the judge threw out the suit against Trenton’s Ordinance which had been approved by public referendum last November. One of the pertinent points was that it was limited to business that were just based and operated in Trenton.

My opposition to the Plainfield one that failed to pass was on several facts including; that it was poorly written with too many vague statements that were open to various litigious opinions, (2) I contend that the amendment process for passage at second reading created an illegal document by all Parliamentary rules, which the Council has adopted, (3) the non-profit’s position was not clarified, (4) and consideration if it is unduly punitive to small mom/pop business.

The vote 3:3 as always would have the overtones of a political influence if it were not for Councilor Brown’s vote which was of course her judgement which is what Council votes should be

I would hope that Councilor Williams will reintroduce an Ordinance that is professional written to be pertinent to Plainfield with Counsel review and perhaps modeled along the lines of Trenton’s which has stood up to this date against legal challenge.

I apologize for the late posting of this blog. However at present I have two bad rotator cuffs which make movement difficult including typing. The medieval torturers fondly called Physical Therapists are doing their best to return me to a state of normalcy.

Despite knowing that readership drops on weekends I will try to post again this weekend.

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  1. Modeling ordinance after another that has withstood court challenge- although Trenton ruling can still be appealed- is the way to go. New Plainfield ordinances seem to go a step or two further and invite litigation. Legal Counsel should be aware of this, but is administration or governing body? They should be cautious.