Sunday, April 26, 2015


The monthly special meeting is on for Monday night at 7pm in the City Hall Library. Since the single item:” A BOND ORDINANCE PROVIDING FOR THE 2015 ROAD IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM, BY AND IN THE CITY OF PLAINFIELD, IN THE COUNTY OF UNION, STATE OF NEW JERSEY; APPROPRIATING $4,000,000 THEREFOR (INCLUDING GRANTS FROM THE NEW JERSEY DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION AND THE COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT BLOCK GRANT PROGRAM) AND AUTHORIZING THE ISSUANCE OF $3,000,000 BONDS OR NOTES OF THE CITY TO FINANCE PART OF THE COST THEREOF.” should not be contentious and should receive the needed 5 votes it seems that this meeting was scheduled at almost a decent time. Why not 7:30?

There is no support material available with the notice. What has happened with the last road bond issue? Has it been exhausted?

I will not be attending this meeting and perhaps not the next agenda fixing session, but as soon as can drive comfortably will be at the meetings. The world has earthquakes and erupting volcanoes, plus severe storms and Plainfield has its politics.


  1. Sorry for this "intrusion" into your post - but just wanted to ensure that Plainfield constituents and families are all aware that FINALLY the Central Jersey Arts Charter School has lost its charter and will be closing the end of June..

    This is both good news and bad news - bad in that some (a few) good teachers will be losing their jobs (yes, there are some good tenured teachers there, though it has been very difficult for them to make a difference with their hands tied because of issues with administration, board, finances and some families) and good because this school has been a failure since day one in 2006 when it was founded by the mother / daughter team. That is close to 9 years of wasted education for many children -- too many years and too many children whose lives have been literally ruined by such a failed system.

    We need to stop "experimenting" with these types of schools and get on with the "science" of teaching - using best practices, creating and emulating a proper, respectful atmosphere, and providing proper and timely assistance to children in the earliest grades so that they receive and understand the basics before failing in the upper grades.

    Good riddance to Central Jersey Arts Charter School. Hopefully the NJ DoE will hold these schools more accountable within the first year or two. Any good educational professional can tell if a school is doing well and has potential - and this does not take just State assessments - it takes understanding what comprises a school and how to create the best school culture - from academics, to good character to fiscal responsibility.

    The true question is -- why did it take this long -- 9 years - for the DOE to finally decide that this school was failing? All it had to do was look at its first couple of years' history. Why was Renaissance Schools Serviced given the school to "turnaround"? Who was responsible for bringing RSS in (hint -- research the connection between our previous educational commissioner's (Mr. Cerf's) relationship with Edison Schools and how Edison Schools morphed into RSS).

    This story may be lead to a Pulitzer for the right journalist - the one who can put all the dots regarding charter schools here in NJ together and come to an interesting conclusion.

    1. I agree 1000000000000%, but in this city, there is only one thing that people care about - Politics and what they can personally gain from selling their souls.