Thursday, April 9, 2015


Left rotator cuff impediment compromises my typing so most of my blogs will be very brief until PT works its semi miracle.

On Monday the Sick Days Ordinance will be up for Second Reading OK. As I have opined that some of the amendments suggested last Monday in effect make this a new Ordinance and should again go through the first/second reading cycle. A good well written Ordinance not one that some have found flawed should be passed, but legality must be part of the process.

This morning the Ledger has an editorial on this subject stating that this should be a State Law. I agree most hardly with that concept and if our illustrious leader was truly concerned he would cosponsor such legislation in the Assembly. I f there is already a bill in the works the Assembly leadership must push it through.

State law is better than a jerry rigged municipal ordinances. To claim that Christie will veto any such legislation is just political cop out.


  1. Excuse me Doc, I was at the meeting when this ordinance was first put on the table. It was none other but the illustrious Council women Rebecca Williams who introduced this ordinance.

    Council women Williams have championed for this ordinance and continue to champion for this ordinance, if you have the time read her blog.

    Doc some things we can not blame on Assemblymen Green.

    I don't agree with his politics but I really get tired of everyone placing the blame game.

    Let's start really taking a look at Plainfield and what it have become under the leadership of Mayor Mapp.

    Yes I to have egg on my face because I supported him and asked everyone in my family to support him.

    He is a big disappointment to me. His decision making process is just the same ole same ole. Heck let's start with the hiring of Eric Watson period point blank.


    1. Hey Renee, I know who introdiuced this Ordinance and I feel that the principle is right. Communities are doing it locally but they have little concept in how to do it properly. This should b`e State Law and all I was suggesting is thatJerry as the second most powerful perso in the Assembly ( his words) should have taken up the issue and passed it through the Assembly..

    2. You know what, Renee, I think it is time for another political party. I nominate you to lead it. I am with you all the way.

  2. "jerry rigged"?? Was that a Freudian slip, Doc?

  3. What will this ordinance do to the developers?

    1. My bet is no effect unless they are Plainfield based unless someone puts in a clause in their contract.