Sunday, April 19, 2015


What a gorgeous Saturday; Spring at its finest followed by an equally pretty Sunday marred only by a late drop in temperature.
All at once the Forsythia  are in bloom as well as some of the flowering trees. California is well into its fire season, marking its 5th draught year. They could use the rain we are promised for today.

Of course all is not perfect; NYC had an epidemic of shootings, stabbings, and just plain old murders over the week end. New Jersey had its share. Another unbelievably overcrowded ship carrying supposedly more than 700 trying to reach the safety of Italy, capsized of the coast of Libya. The last count of rescued seemed to be 24.

My weekend was uplifted by the news that my daughter had been moved from Hospital to a Rehab facility late Friday. However, it is too bad that such moves which are dictated by the formulas by which hospitals are paid by Medicare take place on a weekend when the new facility has no plans or staff for new patients, there are two lost days for the patient who may even be ignored.

I am trying to cope with feeling like an old man; manipulating as a cripple with limited painful motion in the left shoulder. Somehow, my creative output is suffering; but it will be here this week.

Once again I made a mistake of watching the broadcast of the Council meeting. I have not referred to Rivers’ action as Council President. However, this year it has become so blatantly prejudicial permitting some speakers extra time while cutting short others; allowing personal attacks on some of the Council members by public speakers and even other Councilors. That is intolerable and she has the power to stop it. Her constant defense of Robinson-Brigg’s administration and attacks on our Mayor suggest that there may be more than just politics. Last Monday she referred to Watson as “my friend” who should not be made to take the blame for North Ave! How many Councilor’s relatives, friends or even themselves owe their jobs to Sharon, Jerry, or Watson as head of PMUA? I have no idea, but if there is enough of a connection then Plainfield can expect no relief from corruption.


  1. People have the chance to start changing this. First of all, vote for the Progressive Dems - NOT Jerry. And then vote for all the city committee people under that banner. You will be amazed at the quick change.

    Not perfect, but much, much, better.

  2. Bridgett Rivers is the worst Council President I have seen in over 20 years and she is repaying Jerry for the job he got her. I wish more people would speak up about her unprofessional behavior and her relationships with Jerry, Sharon and others.

  3. Good morning Doc for some reason you try to find any reason to blame Jerry Green for everything that done in Plainfield to change the real issues that are facing Plainfield today.

    Yes I am not a fan of Jerry Greene at all but this mess that going on in this great city of Plainfield is a mess made by THIS ADMINISTRATION the MAPP ADMINISTRATION. This administration is a big disappointment it's such a disappointment that I will be doing all write-ins at the polls on election day.

    Mayor Mapp is no better than Sharon Robinson Briggs in fact he is worse.

    He hire Eric Watson that was one of the biggest disappointments ever.

    He is trying to justify this demolishing when it fact its a complete mess.

    Let's stop trying to cover up for him and tell the trutch about what's going on right here is Plainfield.

    1. Did you know that Mayor Mapp has saved the city about half a million dollars by correcting the financial mismanagement of Sharon? What that means is that Plainfield pays less to borrow money.

      Also, did you know that under the Mapp administration, 100 more Plainfield residents have job because of a job fair given in Plainfield?

      I forget, how many job fairs did Sharon have?

    2. This reads like you're the author of Mapp's long tall "Tale of Two Demolitions". And I think you're writing it on company time. But because you've written that the job fair got 100 residents new jobs, prove it!

  4. Doc Lord knows I am not a Assemblymen Green Fan but I think that you are so wrong this time. Supporting anything on Mayor's Mapp line is like supporting Sharron Robinson-Briggs. I know the late great Mayor Albert McWilliams is turning in his grave.


    1. So would your solution be to vote for all Jerry Greens candidates?

      McWilliams is dead and the dead don't move.

    2. It took the McWilliams administration to corrupt the Inter Local Agreement and set PMUA on its road to highway robbery of the Plainfield public.