Sunday, April 5, 2015


Decisions, decisions! Tomorrow the Yankees open their season at 1 pm, the Mets at 4:05 pm, the Council meets at 7:30pm and the Duke/Wisconsin championship game starts at 9pm.

What entertainment (?) to watch? The baseball games are not material at this time of the year so they are not important except to a dye in the wool fan.

All things being even my choice would be the NCAA basketball championship between a Big 10 team and an ACC team. since that almost was the end of my “bracket selections”. Despite the fact that my favorite team lost early, Duke is quite an acceptable rooting substitute. The Council meetings are too often a circus with as little impact on the events of man as an athletic event.

However the choice is simple; the basketball game can be “taped” and viewed later if desired. Thus the Council meeting is the solution. I am interest in seeing who if anybody is on CBOC since the Council will receive the Mayors 2015 Budget. Who will we be paying as Council Budget consultant? Who will this Council select to investigate the North Ave fiasco? If there is a question of improper awarding the contract should not that be a question for the County Prosecutor? But, then the CP in office at the time of the use of a check for a dedicated purpose found nothing wrong when it was used without Council authorization for something entirely different.

I have an extremely bad left wing to go with my old right rotator cuff injury which makes typing difficult so some blogs for the next few days may be very short.

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