Thursday, April 23, 2015


Perhaps it is good that a present and hopeful physical disability-a bad rotator cuff- is interfering with my comfortably writing my blog.

Years ago I had given up on attending the BOE meetings since their format including the agenda presentation and the habit of going into prolong executive session shortly after convening the public meeting was designed to discourage public participation or even attendance.

Although the elections were supposed to be non-political it was obvious that there were annually at least two slates; one sponsored by Jerry Green although he always denied any interest in the BOE elections, and the other more successful and beholden to John Campbell. Other independent partial slates have tried very unsuccessfully to compete until frustration has caused a sever lack of public interest in to what is the biggest single local source of public money expenditure.

I had always not been an advocate of an elected BOE since too often small pressure groups with a self-promoting agenda would secure seats. The appointed Board had its advantages in that there was a responsible party to hold accountable, although during the past administration and for decades before the selection of memberships to various Boards, Authorities and Commissions were too politically tainted.

Despite its claim of transparency the local BOE and the public school system has been beyond public scrutiny. It may well be an even bigger source of nepotism, patronage, and questionable fiscal practices than the city government over the past few decades.

But we need not fret; we now have two civic minded Campbells on the Board.


  1. If Plainfield paid for the school system they get they'd have a hell of a lot more interest in it... The State giving and trust me... they are GIVING that money due to a liberal idealistic policy setting Supreme Court keeps public interest as low as the ones wasting the money want it to stay... Slight change in that Supreme Court and suddenly having to pay the other 85% of that school budget will have the taxpayers HOWLING..until then.. it's a welfare check from the state that no one likes to talk about.

  2. Our BOE and school administration are anything but transparent and totally self-serving. I'm glad others see this too. They will pay for their disservice to our children some day and I hope so see it.