Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Is there justice; no. Is there a justifiable protest reason; yes. Is what happened in Baltimore Monday appropriate and excusable; absolutely not.

Believe it or not that in spite of most peoples ingrained prejudices, there are many of us Black, White, and “Yellow” that firmly believe that all humans irrespective of skin color, religious beliefs, ethnic or national origins are equally the same.

Unfortunately too many others still treat those different from them with contempt. There is a large segment of Plainfielders that fall into that group and make it their life work to attack others usually to promote a self-serving agenda.

What happened in Baltimore could happen here what little provocation.

There is no question that the police may have acted in a deliberate manner that could have contributed to Freddie Gray’s death. However, the sketchy reports of a spinal injury needs clarification about location and how it caused sudden death. I have not seen an autopsy report.

It is possible that since he was not restrained inside the vehicle and it was driven in a manner to throw him around inside the van that he could have suffered a cervical spine injury which could have resulted in complete paralysis below the neck including muscles of respiration.

If this was the death cause then all the officers involved deserve criminal prosecution. Because Freddie Gray was black does not mean that there will be a whitewash, certainly the AG’s office will investigate civil rights violation, and now that Lynch has been approved as the new AG, despite an unjustified political delay in her conformation; I am sure that that will takes place posthaste.

But are riots such as those that took place in Ferguson and Baltimore and appropriate method of protest. The burning and looting that occurred and involved innocent people is only aimed at personal gain, fueled by criminal gangs and outsiders. The backlash against African-Americans will negate any gains. King and Gandhi made their point by peaceful yet mass protest.

The “racial” nature of the protest against the government in Baltimore disregards the fact that the Mayor is African-American and the voting majority in the city also is Black.


  1. Doc,

    Could you please direct me to a post of yours where you may have addressed enthusiastic sports revelers across the United States and beyond who have set fire to private property and brought damage to communities in celebration or disappointment of their favorite sports team winning/losing?

    I don't want to assume you're being one-sided in your response to rioting.

    1. Anon, I do not keep a subject file on my blogs. They are all available since first one , 08-09.
      If I have not condemned the rioting done by hoodlums bent on destruction after a team's important win that is because it is so outreageous that no comment by law abiding people should be needed.
      DESTRUCTIVE rioting under any circumstances should never be excuse because of the cause. IT is the innocent who suffer, and the crowed cowards who profit.