Tuesday, December 9, 2014


For the moment only a very short report about the Council Meeting.  I left after 11.15 during the public comment session and have a needed doctor’s appointment weather permitting this morning.

Before Dan Williamson the Executive Director of PMUA began his “brief” requested presentation at about 8:30; Nancy Piwowar and Debra Dowe informed the Council and the public about JFK/Solaris latest maneuver to divert dedicated foundation funds for its own use. There is a 15 day deadline for them and the City to respond to their petition. More later

The Council began discussing its Agenda just after 10pm. The cooperative gang of four was up to snuff. The Resolution to fund the Forensic Audit did not pass. Councilors Rev. Brown joined the Gang of Four to vote against it as something in the past and we should only be worried about the present and future. More to come.

Once again this cooperative Council rejected Mayor Mapp’s attempt to appoint new Commissioners to the PMUA. Councilors Brown and Greaves abstained without stating a reason. Rivers, Taylor and Reid voted NO also without explanation. Correction: Rivers as Council President voting last did vote yes on this resolution. A total of  4 yes votes were needed. The  two "NOs" and the two abstentions which act as a  negative vote were enough to have defeated the resolution before Williams had cast her  vote.

I would consider it only a proper form if an action against a Resolution (etc.) is to be taken that there should be an explanation. There should be a legitimate reason not to pass on a resolution before the Council.

At Administration’s request; Council tabled a Resolution funding the purchase of CCTV equipment. Again no explanation.

A more detailed report will follow.


  1. Rev. Tracey Brown is all about forgiveness of her friend and parishioner she feels somebody is trying to hurt her friend. I heard that she said to someone right motives are not the reason for the audit, but a witch hunt. She is wrong and should not let her friendship block what might help the city, but I wish I had a friend like that, I am just saying. In her heart she thinks she is doing the right thing .Bleeding hearts have no place in politics.

  2. She apparently thinks something bad might be found and she couldn't be a party to letting her friend suffer the consequences.

  3. Anon 10:01PM, you are right, politics is not for her.She thinks with her heart not her head.

    1. And she represents a certain few, not her constituents. She has no business being on that council, although Tracey, in my opinion, at least tries to do the right thing. Reid, Greaves and Taylor could care less about anyone but themselves and what they are told by Ass. Green.