Tuesday, December 2, 2014


I hope that this first day of December is not is not the prognosticator for the rest of 2014.

 The first bad omen came when I went to pick up some prescriptions. Three had been called in last week before Thanksgiving but somehow the store was out of stock. One happened to be for a cream but when I got home I found out that it was different drug and in an ointment form.

Since I was going to the store I had called in another prescription last night since out of the 90 day supply I had only 12 pills left. Well of course that one was not filled because it “was too soon”. The inference is that I must be taking the wrong dosage; i.e. too many; or and I must be selling the drug on the black market.

At noon came the on  in the mail was a letter from Caremark; Walgreen’s drug supplier. It seems that my Urologist had prescribed a wonder medication that was expensive and made by a Japanese pharmaceutical company. Caremark has some clerk who feels that a generic that is supposed to do the same thing even though it has an e entirely different chemical formula would be better for me. I should tell my doctor to order that drug and save me money. Of course their markup is greater and it does not matter if the drug works for me.

The payoff why I am not posting a report on the Council meeting happened later in the day. I was expecting a package from UPS. UPS has a service in which you can be informed when the packages will be delivered. On Saturday I received an email from UPS noting that I would receive it before the end of the day. Sunday morning there was another email stating the time was wrong and delivery would take place between 10am and 2:15 pm.

Somebody at UPS needs a smart watch, the box was left by my front door at 6:20pm. By the time I got to the door the driver had vanished and I had to wait for someone to help me bring the box into the house.

It was then too late for dinner and to get to the meeting; so I have to wait for a second hand report like you all do. If only the times of airing on the city cable site would be posted on the city’s internet site.

That is why there is no report from me about the meeting. I would take odds that once again the gang of four manifested their cooperation with the Mayor by not taking any action on appointments to the PMUA. “Advice and consent”.

I will also bet that Bill Reid the guardian of the exchequer will object to spending money on a: Forensic Audit”. After all the lawyers will cost us more than any dollars missing. And we now have a CFO.

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  1. Surely if they can spend $400,000 on cameras and $60,000 on a forensic audit, the Mapp Administration can pay a messenger to deliver these important documents. I’m glad to see Councilman Reid object to these senseless ideas.

    We’ll see how long the gang of four bands together. I’m hearing about one or two flipping to run for Mayor. C’mon, you know there’s no sense in some of these policies. This is all political grandstanding.