Monday, December 15, 2014


New Jersey may not be  Shangri-La like California and we may complain about our weather but we do not have the devastating forest fires, drought or deluges with mudslides nor earthquakes as they do in that Utopia. But we do have an occasional earthquake. I bet no one knows that on Saturday there was a 1.9 quake near Trenton and felt to the east and southeast for about 17 miles.

Yes it was an Earthquake and not Christie and Jerry’s friend Stephen M Sweeney, President of the State Senate having an expression of opinions.
Can I finally have my laser gun now? The Navy is testing a new laser it is developing by using it on targets such as drones and small boats in the Persian Gulf, the WSJ’s Julian E. Barnes reports. A single shot from the laser could bring down a drone or blow up the engine of a small boat. Each shot from the prototype Laser Weapon System cost 59 cents, compared to a Standard Missile-2, a common surface-to-air weapon, which costs roughly $400, 00

70 years ago none of us outside of sci-fi nerds would have thought that the “death ray” or wrist telephones were a possibility. Just look around and imagine what new things we have created in the past three decades.

American drivers may be reaping the benefits of low oil prices at the pump, but most don't realize that they have the U.S. tax policy to thank - at least partially.

This week's chart compares gasoline in Europe and the United States since a barrel of Brent crude oil hit its peak for the year at $115.71 and began its 42% plunge on June 19. We can see that while Europe's gasoline is down only 8%, U.S. gasoline is down 27%.

Why the discrepancy? While Europe taxes gasoline at a rate of $4 a gallon, the U.S. taxes gasoline only about $0.49 a gallon.

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  1. I watched a discovery channel show regarding futuristic weapons this past weekend. They featured one laser based weapon which was in prototype stage. It's mounted to a 747 due to the size of the infrastructure required to power the thing. The alleged purpose is to shoot down a ballistic missiles. The explanation was that since the Star Wars program proved that it is not currently feasible to mount such weapons on satellites, this was the next best thing. Knowing how slow a 747 is, and the admitted limited range of the new laser which meant the 747 has to fly a figure 8 pattern just outside the border of the "potentially hostile country", I couldn't help but wonder if this was an expensive boondoggle as the first action of an initial strike would certainly be to shoot them down before launching. A relatively easy act that anyone with a shoulder mounted rocket can accomplish.

    I'm still waiting for the navy's first maglev launching ship to appear which I have heard about.