Monday, December 15, 2014

The 7:00 pm Special Meeting did not start until 7:20 as enough Council members drifted in to constitute a quorum. Councilor Taylor must have forgotten about that meeting but arrive at 7:30 the scheduled time for the Agenda Fixing Session.

The first resolution on the Special Meeting agenda was to extend Eric Watson’s Acting Appointment for a second three months; the limit he can fill the position as acting.

Councilor Reid wanted to know why Watson had not been recommended as  “Director of Public Works”, since he seemed to be doing an excellent job” City Administrator Smiley note that the Mayor was considering that action but was also exploring other alternatives. There may be a substantial public disapproval of Watson having a city job.

Other resolutions passed approved of Paycom Software for the implementation of a Payroll services, Time and attendance management and Human Resources Management information system.

Reid noted that this was about the third new system approved in the past few years but was mollified by the explanation that this was completely computerized and encompassed all departments, even the time records were bio-metric which could reduce fraud.

Also approved were 3 year Contracts with Comcast for easterner services and Broadview Network for all Telephone services at a saving of 80 thousand dollars charged by Verizon.

The Agenda Fixing Session dealt with mostly routine rules setting subjects for the 2015 Council. There were 8 reappointments of lawyers to various rolls for 2015.

And to home early.

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  1. Computerizing the payroll system seems like a great idea. Not only is it environmentally friendly and technologically savvy, but it lessens the burden of our payroll department.

    I must ask, however, what’s taken us so long?

    As 2014 comes to a close, I really must wonder what the Mapp administration has accomplished.

    He promised us “One Plainfield, One Future” but we continue to function under disarray and confusion.

    Nobody seems to know what they are doing and for what reasons.

    Well, I’m still waiting for “One Plainfield.” It seems like everything he sold us was theatrics, filled with false promises just to earn our vote.

    We need the Queen City back!