Saturday, December 6, 2014


Under normal circumstances I would be posting this morning an overview of Monday’s Council Agenda. However with the exception of a presentation by PMUA’s Executive Director Williamson everything has been well covered this week by Bernice in her blog.

We can predict that with 99.9% certainty the Council will not Approve Mayor’s Mapp’s appointments of PMUA Commissioners.

We can also be certain that Bill Reid will object to the Forensic audit as a waste of money. The crooks have gotten away with it let them be attitude.

It will be interesting to see if the Council appropriates the money for the “Property Tax Rewards Program”. On the surface I feel it is a scam. The merchants who participates send a not stated percent from sales to a participating customer to FinCredit who runs the program. If the participating customer is a city taxpayer 75% of that sum will be credited towards their property tax. If the participant is not a resident or a taxpayer they will receive a check minus a $7.00 service fee.

Fin Credit will run the program, there is little mentioned about their staff. 

It seems that if it works to any degree since it is not mandatory on the merchants the only winner will be FinCredit.

I hope Council and administration have done due diligence in considering this Resolution.

The resolution awarding a $169800.00 contract to Mitchell Humphry Software for a City-wide Customer Relationship Management /Property Management Software should be passed if it will do all the Mayor’s letter claims that it will.

This meeting will be noteworthy since it is Bill Reid’s last fling on the Council.  Most likely it will be Bridget Rivers last one as President.


  1. I'm not looking forward to the Gloria Taylor as council president era.

  2. I do not think merchants will be participating in this program. Do you think the people who sell mattresses on the sidewalk will want to give the Fin Credit Co money for customers the have they have sold mattresses to? Do you have to be a US citizen to get the rebate?

  3. I think city council meetings are best free entertainment in the country.

  4. It is my opinion that Mr. Williamson's appearance is timed to provide the foundation for the rejection of Mayor Mapp's PMUA Commissioner nominees. Mr. Williamson will undoubtedly present a glowing report as to the current condition of the Authority . This will provide Council Woman Taylor the opportunity to say, "Well, everything seems fine I do not see why we need any changes".

    All of the rhetoric in the world is irrelevant. The hallmark of success is the rates which we are charged and the restoration of these costs to the Municipal tax base so that we might obtain some tax benefit as we did prior to the establishment of the PMUA.
    Our collection rates , notwithstanding some appreciated, but none the less minor reductions, remain what I believe to be the highest in the civilized world. No one can accuse Plainfield of failing to reinforce New Jersey's singular accomplishment of having the highest State taxes in the Union. Bill Kruse