Wednesday, December 10, 2014


As Bernice noted yesterday something had to take place too extend the appointment of Watson as Temporary Director of Public  Works, The Mayor has called for a Special meeting to precede the Agenda Fixing Session on Monday at 7 PM Dec.15

There will be 10 Resolutions for action.

1.-Resolution Extending THE Acting Appointment of Eric C. Watson as Director, Department of Public Works and Urban Development, Effective December 15, 2014 Through March 15, 2015.

2. -Resolution Authorizing a Contract Award to PayCom Software for the Implementation of a Payroll Services, Time and Attendance and Human Resources Management Information System, in an amount not to exceed $88,552.07.

3. -Resolution Authorizing the City of Plainfield to enter into a three (3) Year  Agreement with Comcast for Ethernet Services (GSA Contract GS-35F-184BA) for an amount not to exceed $78,834.00 Annually.

4. -Resolution Authorizing the City of Plainfield to enter into a three (3) Year Agreement with  State Approved Vendor Broadview Networks as a Telephone Service Provider for an amount not to exceed $46,057.92 Annually

5. -Resolution Authorizing Transfers between the CY 2014 Appropriations of the General Fund of the City of Plainfield

6.-RESOLUTION APPROVING Authorization to Submit and Accept a Grant Application to Robert Wood Johnson for its Healthy Initiatives Programs.

 7 -Resolution requesting Authorization to apply for a grant from the Department of Homeland Security for enhancing local Fire Departments Assistance to Firefighters.

 8 -Resolution Authorizing the Cancellation of 9 Overpayments.

 9 -Resolution Authorizing the Partial Cancellation for Reserved of Redemption for Outside Liens.

10 -Resolution Authorizing the Reduction of THE Performance Guarantee Associated with  Development at the Property known as 1300-1312 West Front Street (Dunkin Donuts)  shown on the Tax Map of the City of Plainfield as Block 218 -  Lot 26

If memory serves the last time a Mayor called a special meeting there was a lack of a quorum. Since a scheduled meeting is to take place at 7:30 pm or “following the close of the Special Meeting” I wonder if there will be a quorum at 7pm?

Another question; can the Mayor as stated in the call or the Special Meeting delay the opening of a scheduled meeting? Or, would the Special meeting have to adjourn from 7:30 pm to be resumed after the Agenda Fixing Meeting is concluded?


  1. It is disappointing Mayor Mapp has requested an extension of Mr. Watson's acting appointment as Director of Public Works. After the waste and abuse Mr. Watson institutionalized at the PMUA and the huge unwarranted and undeserved settlement gift he was given by PMUA Commissioners Dunn, Sanders, and Toliver it is an affront to Plainfield Taxpayers that Mr. Watson ever received another penny from the City of Plainfield. It’s time for Mayor Mapp to hire someone else who doesn’t have Mr. Watson’s history of waste and abuse. If not, he runs the risk of being lumped in with Gerry Green’s Plainfield’s political machine that rewards loyalists and insiders.

    Tom Kaercher

  2. No backup material?

    1. Sparse for Special meeting, the Agenda Fixing session has many "legal" appointments" for consideration but will set schedule for 2015 and other routine matters.